The Family That Uses Together…

Sal, 31, and his wife, Marie, loved each other…and used drugs together daily. With four children, both knew they needed help — but didn’t know where to go to get it…and it was still easier to just keep getting high!

But the family that uses together usually doesn’t stay together — and the day came when they couldn’t keep the children any longer.

Marie also wound up in the hospital. They both knew it was time to go find some help.

Sal was told about Helping Up Mission and came here. But they couldn’t find a place for Marie.

Sal was in the new-guy restriction phase of our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program — designed to keep each man focused on his own issues and not what anyone else in his life is or isn’t doing.

Consequently Sal couldn’t see or hardly speak with Marie. But he did have us praying for her…and there was great rejoicing when Marie’s family helped her get into a program in North Carolina.

This was five months ago. Sal weathered his 45-day blackout period and has been doing right things for his recovery. His wife finished her program in NC, came back to Maryland and was able to get into another program here.

Sal is close to six months clean, Marie four months. She actually hasn’t used illicit drugs for over six months, but was on methadone in the hospital…and she won’t count that as clean time!

They see each other regularly now and hope to reunite their entire family together again in the near future. We all know how that will come to pass…

One day at a time…under God…doing the next right thing!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director