December 2015 Executive Director Update

Dear Friends,

We are packed! All of our program beds are filled and 23 men are occupying our overnight guest beds – waiting for the opportunity to have a bed in our residential recovery program.

We are joyful about providing help to those struggling in poverty, homelessness and addiction. In helping them, we also help ourselves and share in God’s love for all of his children. But, we do carry the burden of caring for a very large family and providing all of the resources to meet basic human needs and, additionally, those resources needed to bring life transformation.

During this Christmas season, your gifts are very much needed. I encourage you to allow the deep spiritual meaning and life of Christmas to move you spiritually to give from a motivation that comes from God and his son, Jesus Christ.

To adequately care for the 500+ men here at HUM, it requires thousands of donors making contributions throughout the year but, particularly, during the Christmas season. Thanks to God and thanks to you, contributions increase every year to meet the increased expenses. God always provides for our needs. Year after year, through much Mission growth, God always provides for our needs through generous souls like you.

During this past year, we’ve heard and seen a lot of negativity in our city that concerns us all. But, there is so much good happening as well. You are part of that good that ultimately prevails. So, please know when you give you are saving the lives of men in a life crisis and strengthening their families, which include 350 children, and building a better Baltimore.

Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas season!

With Gratitude,

Robert K. Gehman Executive Director