It’s A Very Merry HUM Christmas!

Helping Up Mission has been operating in Baltimore since 1885, always focused on the community’s disenfranchised citizens. Today we have 8 different programs with 500 men in residence — most in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

While we have wonderful year-round support from some special partnering organizations and the community as a whole, during the holidays — between Thanksgiving and New Year — the men of HUM are inundated with blessing of food, clothing and even gifts they can pass on to loved ones.

For the 9th year in a row, the folks at BPFE have provided Christmas gifts for the children of HUM men. Last week guys went to Target and picked out the gifts, themselves.

Afterwards, in class, some shared their thoughts with me.

Brandon actually got his gifts wrapped and to the house before his daughter got home from school that day. Dad, who’s living here and not at home, was able to put the first gifts under the Christmas tree for her!

She was so excited and dad was having his best day in a long time. For Brandon, it felt good to be clean and responsible.

Donnie came to HUM from another state. Last year he promised his daughter a special gift for this Christmas and it’s probably the one thing that has bothered him most about being here — there was no way he could get her that gift!

But Donnie was able to go to Target and purchase exactly what he promised — and even had enough left over to buy her something extra!

HUM is blessed by having so many wonderful friends in the community who believe in what we do and step up to make a difference in the lives of our guys…and their families!

Merry HUM Christmas to All!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director