Now, That’s Christmas Stuff!

For weeks now, friends of Helping Up Mission have been providing gifts for our men to give to their children at Christmas. We’ve been the recipients of a ton of stuff!

See — here and here.

Yesterday, Drew and Glen’s “Winter Apparel Drive” showed up here and our guys got another load of stuff for themselves and loved ones.

Then today, Christmas Eve morning, the folks from Giving Back, Linda’s Legacy were here in-mass. Carrying on the 30-year good work of Linda Greenburg in the greater Baltimore area, the GBLL family had their kick-off meeting in our Chapel.

All day long they’ll be distributing warm clothing to the city’s homeless. Of course, before they departed, they also left boxes and boxes of things for our men to have during 2016.

But the best part of the whole day was the attitude of guys here at HUM. Man after man came up to me — looked me square in the eye — and sincerely shared how grateful he was for all the work we did to help them make Christmas wonderful for their children.

Yet, even more than that…when we finished this afternoon — because of schedules and responsibilities — some guys weren’t able to get some things they’d hoped to have for their kids.

We really didn’t have anything else left…but, to a man, they said to me, “Well, that’s okay you guys still did a lot for all of us!”

Now That’s Christmas Stuff!

When we have more gratitude than we do things, we’re definitely moving in the right direction.

So, to all our wonderful friends who’ve supported us all year — and especially at this holiday season — all the men of HUM send their thanks, gratitude and appreciation!

“A merry Christmas to us all!”
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director