Been a Great Year…Think I’ll Go Live at HUM!

All the undergraduates in our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program today arrived here in 2015. That means it wasn’t a great year for any of them.

No one said, “Things are going great for me…think I’ll go live at Helping Up Mission!”

So, on Monday, in class I asked guys what they’re optimistic about for 2016. I was inspired by what I heard.

Two guys who arrived just before the holidays were Eddy and Bobby.

Eddy’s in his 40’s and arrived here with virtually no hope for the future. He didn’t come to HUM looking for answers; he was just desperate for some relief from his addiction.

But the first thing that happened to him here was a spiritual reawakening. Reconnecting to God, Eddy started to feel hope and purpose again.

Announcing, “I’m really optimistic about my life in 2016,” he shared about spending the weekend with family again — first time in a while!

Eddy had starting changing on the inside. Family could see it on the outside. And they were all feeling pretty good about 2016!

Bobby’s in his early 30’s and has battled alcohol addiction for over 22 years. He shared that, when he arrived at HUM in early November, he just wanted to die.

Hating himself and his life, Bobby just couldn’t think of any good reason to prolong it.

Family got him to HUM and, once here, Bobby also made a spiritual reconnection. Getting honest about his own issues, he found liberation and empowerment for his soul.

Bobby shared about how good it feels to believe again. And now — with a purpose for his life again — he’s starting to make plans and take steps toward becoming the man he once knew he could be!

I love my job!
Pastor Gary Byers
Deputy Director