Josh’s rap about addiction (video)

Josh’s rap about addiction and recovery:

“And I can share with you the struggles of my heart
And how I’m swimming with the fishes but was living with the sharks
Listen, I was able to see the lining only because it was dark
Witness, your sister trickin’ just to get a hit of the hard
While me sittin’ indifferent hittin’ licks in my car
Drinking liquor as I wither just to get to tomorrow
My system’s quickly gettin’ sicker so I’m breakin’ some laws
And if it’s money I can’t deliver then I’m ticking ’em off

“Yeah I may get jumped, hit in the jaw, and tossed to the dogs
But I got high so I couldn’t even call it a loss
I would sneak into my little brother’s room while he was sleeping and all
And I’m racing to ATMs and I’m replacing his card
And he was planning to join the Army or the National Guard
Yeah I been hurt but it was me who was leaving the scars
But I’m ripping out the stitches and I’m keepin’ the gauze
For the still-suffering addict and it’s all for the cause

“To keep it you’ve gotta give it
To preach it you have to live it
To beat it you have to witness
And see it through the vision of the victim in addiction
In order to make provisions

“Baltimore, 410, that’s my area code and that’s all I know
I’m from the land where the spring brings snow
It’s Joshua, as in Jericho
Man, let the curtain close”


For years, men in the addiction recovery program at Helping Up Mission have written poetry as a part of their recovery process. Now, they have gathered, edited, and published a sampling of their writings as a book: War of Grace: Poems from the Front Lines of Recovery.

You can download the ebook and audiobook: free of charge, at: