A Special Update from Bob Gehman

You may have heard the news that I am moving into a new role as President Emeritus of Helping Up Mission after 28 wonderful years of serving as CEO. I’ve planned a long time for this transition, and as I take this step, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for friends like you. And you’ll see some of the impact of your support as you read this e-newsletter.

This new role of President Emeritus was created by the Helping Up Mission Board of Directors for me to cultivate, strengthen and expand relationships with donors and partners like you. In addition to being a consultant to our new CEO and Board, I’ll continue teaching leadership and spiritual life classes for our Spiritual Recovery Program. This opportunity allows me to make a significant contribution, do things I love to do, and not have to carry the daily burden of the CEO responsibilities. I’m excited!

But I’m even more excited about the vision of turning leadership over to the next generation and ensuring that continuity and momentum continues for the sake of so many people who need the help HUM offers every day. I view the facilitation of leadership change as my last major CEO responsibility.

Beyond that, I’m excited about the announcement that Dan Stoltzfus, who has served as HUM’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), was selected by the HUM Board as the next HUM CEO. Dan and I have worked together for over four years. He has the Christian faith, character, talent and experience needed for the role. I could not be happier. With Dan as CEO, you can expect HUM to continue its present path of excellence in serving the needs of thousands of people struggling with poverty, addiction and homelessness.

In my new role as President Emeritus, I’m looking forward to working with Dan to support his leadership success and that of HUM.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and continued support during this historic leadership role change.


Bob Gehman, President Emeritus
Helping Up Mission