Encouragement of Senators Is Appreciated

Helping Up Mission is very blessed to have the support and friendship of many elected officials. Yesterday late afternoon, my very good friend, state Senator Larry Haines from Carroll County, brought six of his Senator colleagues, Senator Frosh, Senator Brochin, Senator Jacobs, Senator Mooney, Senator Forehand and Senator Simonaire for a tour of Helping Up Mission. They are all members of the Senate Judicairy Proceedings Committee.
We spent an hour and fifteen minutes together discussing how we, as a faith-based organization, help 400 men with 25 years of drug addiction and 31 months of incarceration time get well. Their interest was piqued and their questions were great. All gave words of encouragement and some offered their help. Regardless of what people say about our state government, we really do have some good people in Annapolis. I’m very grateful for their support. We need it!
Bob Gehman
Executive Director