God Will Provide!

Last evening we had our monthly board meeting. I was reminded again that knowing “where” you are going and “why” helps you to know when to say yes and when to say no. It clarifies decision making and makes difficult decisions easier.
Last evening we made a decision not to receive State funds for our next construction project. We did not want to take any chances of having to restrict religious activity. The new building will have a new dormitory for overnight guests and space that will provide support services for over 400 men in our program. But, it will also have a new chapel and classrooms where religious activity will be conducted on a daily basis.
The State cannot fund religious activity. We did not want any confusion. And we wanted total freedom to use any part of the building at any time to teach the Bible. We want our spiritual Recovery Program to have the best of Christian spiritual life teaching possible. That is “where” we are going. And we know “why”. Without spiritual help, hearts won’t change. If hearts don’t change, people won’t change. So, the decision was clear but still difficult. Our Board was right in turning down hundreds of thousands of dollars of state funds for the construction of a building that will house our religious activity. God will provide!!!
Bob Gehman
Executive Director