Please Pray That I Can Find My Daughter

Every morning clients are invited to write down prayer requests which are then prayed for by other clients and HUM staff in the morning discipleship classes. As men begin to come out of the fog of addiction and realize how much pain and suffering they caused their loved ones, it is their families they most often ask prayer for.
A couple of weeks after arriving at HUM Keith M. began asking for God’s help in locating his daughter. “Because of my addiction I haven’t had any contact with my family for several years. I’d really like to see my daughter, but I don’t know where she is.”
Keith continued to work on his program during the initial 45 day blackout period. As he saw changes in his own life he began to hope that he might actually have a life after addiction. “Sit still,” Pastor Gary always says, “do what we ask you to do and God will often return to you the things you gave up in your addiction.”
The week after his blackout period Keith went for a walk through the Inner Harbor. There he ran into a woman from his old neighborhood. “Do you know where my daughter is?” he asked.
“Sure, I see her all the time. Would you like to go see her yourself?”
That afternoon Keith was not only reunited with his daughter but he met a six month old grandson he didn’t even know he had. When he left his daughter’s house that day he was invited back for the following weekend. Keith now plans to work on rebuilding his family. What drugs tore asunder God is putting back together.
Barry M. Smith