Answering The “Why”

Today started with an early morning run (6 a.m.) from HUM to the Inner Harbor, Aquarium, World Trade Center, Science Center and Rusty Scupper Restaurant.
My son, Rob, joined me – we’re in training to run the Half Marathon here in Baltimore on October 11th.
Getting out of bed early to run was very hard for me. I had to remind myself why I’m doing it – to stay healthy and raise money for homeless men who want to change their lives. Running with my son was a real help – his company was an encouragement. His pace was faster but I needed his accountability.
As I was running, I thought of the men in our one year program. They need hardness to stick to the program. They must constantly remind themselves of why they are committing to a year-long spiritual recovery program. If they don’t, they will be in jail, the hospital or an early grave. If they do, they can have reasonably happy lives with friends, family and community. Answering the “why” really helps me to stay focused!
Bob Gehman
Executive Director