Where Are You?

Yesterday I was on my way to a T.V. taping by the City Cable Station, Channel 25 for the show “Faith In Action”. Helping Up Mission was invited to participate. The location was New Shiloh Baptist Church. I got lost (no GPS!). Time was running out. I called for help. One of our staff members, Keith Daye, is a member of New Shiloh. He asked where I was. I didn’t know. Suddenly I realized I couldn’t receive help without knowing where I was. I found the street address. Keith knew exactly how to direct me. I got there just on time.
I was reminded that before we can receive help, we must do the work to discover the truth about where we are in our lives. We must know where we are going. And, we need a knowledgeable guide to direct us. This is the helping work we are doing every day at HUM for 400 men in our programs.
Bob Gehman
Executive Director