Do The Right Thing

“I won’t do it. I just will not testify against my girlfriend. If they call me, I’ll lie.”
Frank H. was talking with a HUM intern about the upcoming trial of his girlfriend Jessica. She was charged with arson and looking at some serious time in jail. He had been called by the State’s Attorney’s office as a witness for the prosecution.
“Frank, recovery is about more than just not using drugs. Recovery is about becoming a better man and doing the right thing,” the intern said. “You have to tell the truth.”
“I won’t do it. I won’t help put Jessica in jail,” Frank replied.
“You know what the pastors here always say,” said the intern, “You don’t have to worry. Jesus has got this. The only way that Jessica will go to jail is if Jesus thinks that’s what’s best for her. Just trust him.”
When the day of the trial arrived Frank prayed, “God, I don’t want to do this, but I’ll do it. I’ll do what’s right.” He was ready to testify for the State. At the courthouse, though, Frank discovered he wouldn’t need to testify after all. The State had decided to drop the charges. Right there in the courtroom Frank dropped to his knees and thanked God.
Day by day Frank is learning to trust Jesus to make him into a better man and do what is right. And day by day Jesus is taking care of Frank and the people in his life.
Barry M. Smith