Trusting God With The Results

Some days remind me about some things I already know but need further grasping: take one day at a time; be more prayerful throughout the day; be diligent and do your best every day and leave future results and outcomes to God.
Yesterday we worked hard to find a way to bring all the ingredients of a project together. And, we are getting closer to funding our Phase II construction project! The new building will have 60 Emergency Overnight Guest beds, space for all the support services for over 400 men in our Spiritual Recovery Program and a new chapel. The cost will be $6,100,000. We are about $1,900,000 away from making it happen. A $1,000,000 gift prospective funder is reluctant to commit because we are not yet ready to show we have enough to finish the project. Understandable. Will we get enough of the remaining $1,900,000 to secure the $1,000,000 gift? All we can do is work hard and pray. Refuse to worry. Trust God with the results!! God always works life out the way that is best and at the right time.
Bob Gehman
Executive Director