Work Therapy Really Works!

Our Food Service department is a vital part of the ongoing success of Helping Up Mission. Feeding a large community on a modest budget is an ongoing challenge to our team. A large part of our job is the planning of meals with constantly changing resources. Writing our menus and planning how we will perform them is an exciting part of our week.
We rely on a crew of 40 men in our program to make this happen. Each man comes to Helping Up Mission with their own story and work ethic. Every man has a Divine appointment with us. God’s reason for sending them our way may be to establish a pattern of productivity in their lives. Some need to learn to work with others in a more cooperative way while others are thrilled to feel needed and vital to our campus’ culture and health. Many of our men find important jobs in the community once they begin the Life Prep phase of the Spiritual Recovery Program.
Watching a man change from self-centeredness to a servant of others gives great joy to our staff. We love being part of this transformation (Romans 12:1-2) !
Luke McCusker
Manager of Food Services