David Y. came to Helping Up Mission after more than two decades of drug addiction, broken in body and spirit. He felt defeated and hopeless.

Since coming to HUM David has seen medical professionals that have addressed his most serious health concerns. Every week he sees a therapist who is helping him address his emotional issues. As his health and emotions are reviving David has begun to feel a sense of hope that has made him open to spiritual matters as well.

David has begun reading the Bible for the first time. After a few weeks of jumping around at random he decided to try reading straight through from the beginning. He read in Genesis up to the account of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac and then, at the last minute, providing a ram to sacrifice in his son’s place.

That Sunday David went to church with several other clients. The pastor preached from the same text in Genesis that David had read just a couple of days before. Coincidence? David didn’t think so. He is convinced that God is speaking to him, and, for the first time in his life, David is trying to listen.


Gary Byers

Director of Spiritual Life