A Time To Prove Our Faith

These are testing times for all, particularly faith based organizations serving the poor. Our economy is weakened. More people are becoming poor and in need of help. At the same time people have less help to give. It sounds like a perfect storm. On the suface the answer seems clear. Just cut back on the help.

But I see another view of the world. Its from a position of faith—faith in God’s character and promises. I believe now is the time to believe in the goodness and power of God to provide for all our needs “according to His riches in glory”. God loves the poor and will channel his resources to those who love them and serve them well. One way or another he will empower his front line people to serve. This is what I believe. As we move forward into the holiday season more people will be at our door for help. I think we need to prove our faith and serve more and harder during these times…. And watch God provide!!    


Bob Gehman

Executive Director