God Is So Very Good

As a member of Helping Up Mission’s Spiritual Recovery Program, Ernie is making preparations to go back to work in the community and become a productive member of society again.  But, to do that the right way, he is going to have to address a number of issues from his past. 

So, he got a copy of his credit report to identify the financial obligations he needs to address.  He found that he has $2,200 in credit issues to clear up.  Then he went to the Internal Revenue Service and checked on the problems he was pretty sure he was going to have with back taxes. 

To his surprise, he finds that he does owe the IRS anything – instead, they owe him!  Want to guess the amount?  That’s right $2,200!  Ernie couldn’t believe it.  God is giving him a clean slate to start fresh again. 

Just for the record, God does not do this kind of thing just for drug addicts and alcoholics who want to a second chance.  In fact, He wants to do it for anybody.  He would love to do it for you, too.

Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director