A Visit From the Mayor

Today we will honor Mayor Shelia Dixon here at Helping Up Mission. As an organization we do not, nor are we legally permitted to get involved in political campaigns or endorse candidates. But it is very important to have the support of our elected officials. And we are blessed to have the support of our Mayor.
She will arrive at noon and leave at 1:30PM. We will welcome her to our new dining hall and introduce her to our staff and program members. I will present her with a Salute Certificate and invite her to address the audience. We will have lunch and take a tour. After the tour I hope to have some private time with her in my office to share with her some of Helping Up Missions future plans. We need her support for future projects as well as her advocacy for HUM as she moves around the city speaking to different groups. Oh, and we will promise to pray for her and partner with her to serve the needs of the poor.
Bob Gehman
Executive Director