Real Proof That The Bible Is True

When this message is posted, I will be in Missouri giving a couple of archaeological lectures at a Christian College. Most of you know that part of my world is working as a field archaeologist in the Middle East. It is an important part of the ministry God has given me.

My talks this week will include an Introduction to Archaeology, Great Discoveries in New Testament Archaeology and The Origins of Israel Debate. I have prepared all my notes and PowerPoint slides and will give them all the archaeology I know about each of these subjects.

But at least once during the conference I will point out that the real proof that the Bible is God’s Word is not what we dig up in the dirt – that stuff just demonstrates the Bible is an historically accurate document. What really demonstrates that the Bible is God’s Word is the impact that book has had on our lives. The message of the Bible has dramatically changed my life.

I get to see that truth reproduced here at Helping Up Mission every day. The impact the Bible is having in the lives of men here is nothing short of supernatural. I know the Bible is true – not because of the artifacts I have dug up, but by the powerful change it has produced in the live of countless men here at Helping Up Mission. It is my great privilege to be a regular part of that process.

Gary Byers
Director of Spiritual Life

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