Crossing The Finish Line!

I did it! I completed the half marathon–13.1 miles. Crossing the finishing line was making personal history. I was so tired and the last three miles seemed so long but the joy of reaching a new goal after months of training was truly inspiring.

I was reminded that mountains can be moved in our lives and new goals achieved one training session at a time. Prayer, patience, hard work under the supervision of an experienced trainer and the encouragment of a fellowship of people are ingredients that help us break new ground. I’m considering how these ingredients can be applied to other areas of my life. One success can lead to another and another and another.
I’m also really grateful to all the sponsors who supported the Helping Up Mission team. While I was running, I thought about the $50,000 of donations that were pledged to help our men in our long term recovery program. That thought kept me going to the end!
Robert K. Gehman
Executive Director