Art In Motion

The accompanying photo of “Team HUM”, our running team for the Baltimore Running Festival, was taken in front of the Mission during one of our training runs.  It was used in some of our promotional material regarding our “Facing The Challenge” campaign. We recently received a wonderful comment from someone who saw the photo that I thought you might enjoy reading.   

“I love this picture; it has a lot of visual poetry.

The open door is welcoming, and this feeling is reinforced by the fact that the movement in the image is moving toward the door – not away.

The fact that both doors are included shows the growth of the organization. The running captures the hard work and the grinding perseverance required to overcome an addiction.

But running is often seen as a solo sport; and here, the idea of “helping up” is reinforced by the group. The phrasing of the sign “serving Christ since 1885” not only brings to mind longevity and the long road to recovery’, but calls to mind Hebrews 12:1-3.

This is a wonderful and meaningful piece of art, and my dad is in it :-) “

      Margaret McGough

Margaret’s father, Barry, is second from the left in the black shirt and shorts.  I am the guy behind him.  He beat me in the race, too!


Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director