Recovery Day

Helping homeless addicts get sober and experience recovery is very challenging. It is so very rewarding to see a person who is with out hope, who is powerless over chemical substances become able to manage life and be reasonably happy. It is also heart breaking when a person doing well suddenly relapses and drops out of the program or worse ends up in jail or an early grave. Chemical addiction is a progressive disease that leads to death if not arrested. It is serious work!
But some times we just have to lighten up and not take our selves so seriously. So we celebrated “recovery day” recently. The staff served the program members and wore crazy hats. We all needed to laugh and we did. Humor helps get us through the hard times. We need more laughs. Take a look at the photos taken at our recovery day lunch. If one of those photos makes you laugh that will be good.
Bob Gehman
Executive Director
Here I am in my hat eating with the men after we were done serving.