Our Spiritual Weapon

One of the most fun things I do here in class is help guys learn the books of the Bible in order. We start with the newest men in our Program, our Seeds of Hope class. You can see it on their faces, when we begin. “What€¦27 books in the New Testament…39 books in the Old Testament, and all those funny names? I can never do that!”

Then we get started. This week, in 30 minutes, eight men quoted the books of the New Testament in order from memory. The lessons from this little exercise, for everyone in the room, are huge.

First, men who assumed they had burned out most of their brain cells, realize they can memorize and learn.

Second, brain rehabilitation occurs when a man stops using and begins to apply his brain to repetitive, positive, recovery-oriented mental exercises – there isn’t a much better mental exercise than learning God’s Word.

Third, this is basic training and solid preparation for their personal spiritual journey.

In our military, a good soldier must know his or her weapon inside and out. They learn how to break it down, clean it and put it back together – sometimes by a stop watch, sometimes with a blindfold, sometimes both. Since the Bible is the Sword of the Spirit ((Eph 6:17), as spiritual soldiers, we really need to know it inside and out, too.

Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

P.S . If you want some tips to be able to memorize the books of the Bible in order in 30 minutes, yourself, just email me and I would be glad to pass them along to you.