He’s Just Getting Started

“He has completed anything in 42 years,” is what James’ dad said jokingly about him recently, and James agreed.  Today James is in the final phase of our Spiritual Recovery Program – we call it Life Prep.  This is the phase that men continue to live here and do our Program, but they also can go back to work in the community or go to school at one of the local colleges. 

James took this time to go through a Job Readiness Program and just graduated a few weeks ago.  And it was at James’ graduation that his father said he never finished anything.  Dad was definitely proud that day.  And James isn’t finished finishing!  He has also now just finished all his work for his high school diploma through the state’s External Diploma Program (EDP) here at Helping Up Mission and will be receiving his diploma shortly.  He will graduate from our 12-month Spiritual Recovery Program in the Spring. 

Even more, you can see a different James when he walks in the room, speaks to you or looks you in the eye.  James is growing in his maturity, recovery and spirituality.  Not a bad year for a guy who has never finished anything in his life!

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director