Lost and Found

During Harold’s couple of decades of addiction, he lost almost all of his family.  Even those who were still living hardly spoke with him.  After arriving at Helping Up Mission, he made a couple of serious spiritual commitments and his life began to change.  Every day he put his sons on the prayer list and we prayed for God to restore his relationship with them.  The next thing I heard, his sons began to see the real changes in their father’s life and they did reconnect.  It so warmed Harold’s heart and he recognized it as an answer to his prayers.

Shortly after that, he said he wanted to try and find his sister.  They had not be in contact for some nine years, she moved out of state while he was incarcerated and he had no idea where she was.   He asked me to pray with him and I did.  Then Harold added her to his daily prayers for his sons.  I have prayed for Harold’s sister – that she was okay and that he could reconnect with her – every day for about 4 months.  Nothing was happening, and while I was glad to pray, I began to wonder if we would ever be able to find her.

This morning, Harold came into my first class and said he had an announcement.  He turned to me and said he had a message for me – from his sister!  With the help of one of our program interns, Harold found her phone number in North Carolina and called her last night.  He told her how we had prayed every day and this morning he told me, “my sister said to tell you thanks for praying – it really works!”


Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director