Here Comes the Judge

I am happy to report that I regularly hear of prosecuting attorneys and judges in our city, throughout the state of Maryland and even in surrounding states who really care about helping addicts find recovery and get back on their feet as productive members of society. While committed to making our communities safer, many in our legal system understand that an addict in recovery can not only quit being part of the problem, but can genuinely become part of the solution.

Just recently one of our men was sentenced by a judge in another state. The both the prosecutor and the judge were impressed with the possibilities of lasting recovery and life-change for this man at Helping Up Mission. He was guilty of some pretty serious offences due to his drug addiction and could have faced significant time in prison. But they also saw something that suggested to them the hope of real and lasting change in this man’s life. They were willing to take the risk and sent him to Helping Up Mission – for our one year program and extended aftercare.

I am hopeful for his recovery and new life as a productive member of society. I am also hopeful as I see the efforts and commitment of prosecutors and judges to help men and women struggling with addiction get the help they need to make a permanent life change. 

As we enter 2009, I am excited about the opportunities to affect men’s lives here at Helping Up Mission.  When they change, their families change.  When enough families are changed, the community can change.  Working together, under God, we can make a difference in our city. 

Have a wonderful 2009.  Keep us in your prayers…and come down and spend some time with us as we work on changing Baltimore one life at a time.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director