Lots of Great People

One of the things I love most about working at Helping Up Mission is meeting the folks who volunteer to invest their time with our men. Some serve as recovery sponsors or as spiritual mentors, while others tutor in our Innovative Learning Center (ILC) or spend time helping in the kitchen. 

We also have a board of directors who personally invest in our guys. Every week a number of them are on the campus spending time with the men in the Program. There are also a bunch of other folks who show up all the time and bring all kind of items for the guys to have and use.  Then, of course, there are so many for who also regularly donate money to fund our daily program. 

One of the most recent folks who has volunteered time here at Helping Up Mission is a newcomer to Baltimore. He is a member of the new Ravens coaching staff and first visited us on Thanksgiving and then again on Christmas. He spend hours just sitting around the cafeteria tables talking to our guys – never once mentioning the Ravens. It was just man-to-man spiritual talk about recovery and life.  He and I have been communicationa and he has promised to come back down again to speak in my classes – after the Super Bowl! 

We are blessed here at Helping Up Mission because of all the wonderful people who invest in us. It is my privilege to serve here, too.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director