A Pretty Good Start

Today is our first chapel service after closing down the 1029 East Baltimore Street building, where our chapel has stood for fifty-five years.  Over the next fourteen – sixteen months, while that building is being renovated, we will have our Friday chapel services in the cafateria of our 1023 East Baltimore Street building.

We will do the same things we always do – music by our worship team, a message from Bob Gehman and certificates for each man who has progressed to the next phase of his program.  Yet, it will seem quite different in the new surroundings. 

But another thing that will make today’s chapel service special is that, for the first time in Helping Up Mission history, seven men are graduating in the same week.  Last week we graduated five, tying our all-time high, and today we break the record.

While a new record is nice, and a great way to start things off in the new surroundings, the really wonderful thing is that these seven men have found answers for their addiction struggles and have been able to help the next guy do the same.  This is why we are here, why we are renovating the old building and why we purchased and renovated 1023 East Baltimore Street three years ago.  Helping Up Mission is one man helping another find answers and develop a meaningful spiritual walk – and that can happen in any building on the block! 

Thank you for your continued support.  I hope you will come down and join us for chapel one of these Fridays.  Either way, please do keep the men of Helping Up Mission in your prayers – one day at a time.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director