What a Change a Year can Make

Here at Helping Up Mission, I get to see firsthand how God is working in men’s lives and families.  While I am excited about every day that every man spends clean, I can’t help but be enthuiastic about men who are graduating.  I already told you about last Friday’s graduation – we normally take men into our Program every week of the year, so we graduate men every week one year later.  Last Friday was the first time in our history that we ever graduated 7 men in the same week.

It was very exciting for me to hear each one of these men share his story about his year at Helping Up Mission ( I shared about him in my 11/11/08 blog).  James talked about arriving with no real interest in spiritual things,but finding a real spiritual walk.  He also told about his new smile courtesy of the Mission’s dental program, obtaining his high school diploma, completing a job training course and getting placed in a new job - all in one year.  He couldn’t believe how much his life had changed, and his family couldn’t either. 

That is why Helping Up Mission exists and what your support of time and resources produced this past 12 months.  A pretty good return on your investment, I would say.  Thank you for caring and sharing.  


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director