Baseball Trivia!!!

So that I don’t bury the “teaser”, here’s the trivia question:

Q: What ministry was presented at the Baltimore Orioles Bible Study on the date of the team’s largest comeback in franchise history (June 30, 2009)?
A: Helping Up Mission (of course, or this blog wouldn’t make sense…)
At first thought, you may think there is nothing in common between baseball trivia and Helping Up Mission. Those seem to be two different worlds – professional athletes and the homeless and addicted. Well, that would be an incorrect assumption for the Baltimore Orioles and Helping Up Mission. On the day that the Orioles would later make history in a huge comeback victory over the rival Boston Red Sox, I attended the bible study for the players and coaches, and had the chance to share the “HUM story” with the players and coaches I cheer for throughout the week!
I want to respect the privacy of those in attendance; however, I can say there was a great group of players and coaches in the room. At the end of our time together, I received great encouragement from the group, with offers and commitments to support the Mission in the future. We already have some volunteering time with us, and I hope more will follow. I was also given a “behind the scenes” tour, and escorted through the clubhouse to meet some of the other players and coaches. I have to say that it was hard to contain my personal excitement about my visit.
Please know that I am perhaps one of the BIGGEST baseball fans in the world!!! I dreamed of playing in “The BIGS” throughout high school and college. And I played baseball with and against a large number of future Major League players (I just didn’t share their talent level). It was a heart break for me when I realized that dream wouldn’t come true. But that’s OK, because I know God has me exactly where HE wants me  – I’m working at Helping Up Mission and spreading the Good News of the Gospel, as well as sharing about the transformation of so many men’s lives and their breaking the cycle of homelessness and addiction.
So, you now know the answer to a very, very little known trivia question. But, as we did, I hope you are smiling when you consider it. And you also know our hometown Baltimore Orioles include some wonderful men (and wives) who are compassionate about the community – and do give back!
With that…I’ll keep coming’ back,
Kris Sharrar
Director of Development
p.s. To learn more about the ministry in professional baseball, visit