Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I think it is safe to say that our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program takes a truly unique “holistic” approach to recovery and to meeting the needs of the men we serve.  Based on Luke 2:52 from the life of Jesus, we consciously attempt to meet the intellectual (“wisdom”), physical (“stature”), spiritual (“favor with God”) and social (“favor with man”) needs of each man who enters our Program.   

There is the obvious spiritual focus of our Biblical discipleship classes, intellectual focus of our educational program, social focus of our therapeutic community and physical focus of our medical services (dental, eyes and feet) and athletic teams (softball, basketball, running teams and weight room).  But one of the other things we do here is art therapy, which is very popular with the guys and has produced some wonderful works of art. 

Carole McQuay  has been leading weekly art therapy groups for over two years at Helping Up Mission. This year her groups were asked to provide artwork for display at the Regional Headquarters of Susquehanna Bank in Hunt Valley.  So, last month 23 pieces were placed on display in their lobby and office complex.  They will be up into the fall and anyone is invited (and encouraged) to go and take a look. 

I have attached photos of some of the work, so you can see the ability of the men we serve here.  Helping Up Mission is full of capable and talented men who can do so much good when they are clean from drugs and alcohol and are focused on the right things.  We are proud of the efforts each one is making in his recovery.  We are proud of their willingness to share their talents with the community.  I hope you will stop by the bank lobby and see the good work for yourself.  The address is:

Susquehanna Bank

            307 International Circle, Suite 600
                Hunt Valley, MD 21030
                Monday – Friday  9 AM to 5 PM

Pastor Gary Byers                                                          Please click here to see more artwork.
Spiritual Life Director