Surrender – AND WIN!!!

In the popular worldview of things, I cannot think of any area of life where a person can surrender – and WIN. On the sports field, the team that surrenders (quits) will forfeit the win. In work, we cannot “WIN” the rewards by surrendering to difficult circumstances. In perhaps the most extreme circumstances – the combat battlefield – the commander who raises the white flag in surrender must give up everything to the victor.
Surrender, in the worldview, is viewed as failure. It is commonly agreed to be the EXACT opposite of victory. And we are raised from birth to be victorious. As the saying goes “To the Victor Goes the Spoils”. Therefore, it’s against our nature to surrender. We would rather defeat others, conquer others, achieve success, defend our turf and territory, fight for what we deserve, etc., etc., etc.
This is also common for the addict – regardless of the nature of the addiction. The addict, who is in denial, will fight for the right to continue the addictive behavior – while denying the very reality of the addiction. The addict will defend his/her “Right to Use” and rationale, such as “It’s my life, and I can do as I please”, or “I’m not hurting anyone else”, only serve to extend the agony.
In my own recovery since March 2006, I’ve come to the realization that “Surrender” is the thought, idea, or strategy that comes right as we are near “the end of ourselves”, despite our strongest efforts NOT TO LOSE. Only at the bitter end of the fight, do we contemplate giving up. And the world would tell us NEVER GIVE UP.
But for me, my recovery was truly possible ONLY WHEN I chose to surrender – COMPLETELY! I realized I was at the end of myself in all ways – spiritually, emotionally, relationally, professionally, financially – everything. And I realized the more I fought against reality, the more I was losing ground. Thankfully, God’s love for me revealed something that runs completely counter to what I had been told throughout my life. I could “Let Go, and Let God” do for me what I couldn’t do for myself.
The Amazing Grace offered by our Heavenly Father, paid for by Christ’s death on the cross, is that He delights to meet us at our end – and He accepts our surrender to His love, forgiveness, mercy, and infinite/amazing plans for our lives. And HE doesn’t claim Victory for Himself – as a worldly Victor would – HE claims victory US!
We can rest assured that in Surrendering to GOD – we actually WIN!!
With that…I’ll keep coming’ back,
Kris Sharrar
Director of Development