A Blessing in Disguise

One of the most exciting things we do here at Helping Up Mission is help men earn their high school diplomas.  Dr. Jeanette Ezzo, our Educational Services Manager, sent me this paragraph written by Rod.  He is in the last phase of our Spiritual Recovery Program and about halfway through his External Diploma Program (an alternative to the GED high school diploma route – see my blog from July 13, 2009).  Rod spends about 3 hours a week working with Judy, a writing tutor.  He said to them recently, “You guys sure have me doing a lot of writing.  I have never written stuff like this before.” 

Here is Rod’s paragraph:

I look at being at the Helping Up Mission as a blessing in disguise.  I say this because I had been trying to get my life together for a long time now, and I have not been able to do it by myself. Then I had a guy tell me about the Helping Up Mission while I was incarcerated.  Since I’ve been here, my life has been changing.  I’ve noticed that my thoughts have been more positive, and I no longer participate in negative activities that are going on around me.  This is why I say that the Helping Up Mission is a blessing in disguise.  On the outside, people do not see that on the inside of the Mission men are changing their lives.

I am so happy for Rod, and so thankful for Dr. J and Judy, all the tutors and all the other volunteers who invest in the lives of men here at Helping Up Mission.  It is very obvious that it is working. 

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director