God is Still Faithful

My last blog told Dawn’s story and how God has sustained and empowered her after losing her son to drug addiction.  The same day, I heard from a 25-year friend of mine whose son has been self-medicating his social anxiety issues for almost 20 years.  Dad has been praying and tough loving his son all this time, patiently hoping and trusting for God to speak to his son.

Well, it happened this week.  Junior called dad and acknowledged what they both knew was the situation for these two decades.  He said, “I am tired of living like this and I really want to change things.  But I have intellectual questions and I need some answers and guidance.  Do you know anybody that could help me.”

I am humbled to say that dad thought of me – the Biblical-archaeology, spiritual-recovery-pastor guy !  I met with Junior and we set in motion a plan for him to face his issues and begin his spiritual journey.  When we left each other that night, he was encouraged and I was encouraged.

His dad sent me a message yesterday and said his son called him that night after we met.  “I have not heard or felt such hope and optimism from Junior in a long, long  time,” dad said. “Although he did not go into detail, he said that you were definitely the right person at the right time to help him.”  Dad added, “I made sure to give God all the credit for that.”

To have the opportunity to participate in things God is doing is really exciting and an honor.  Admittedly, we don’t know all that will happen next, but I have seen and know enough to realize that God is working here and I am just going to try and be available to support the process.

It struck me that this week I have spoken to two different parents with sons who struggled with their drug addiction.  Their stories have gone in very different directions, but in both cases it is clear – God is faithful.  I don’t know what you are going through or who you are struggling with, but I do know God.  And the best thing I can tell you to do is trust Him through it all.


Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director