God Still Answers Prayers – Part 2

Last Thanksgiving I wrote about Bryan who had come to our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program by way of my Tuesday night 12 Step group in New Market, Maryland.  His mother had been attending our group – I think mostly because of her concerns over Bryan’s addiction issues.  It is a great story and you might be encouraged by it (see my 11/26/09 blog).  On Thanksgiving Bryan’s was finishing his fifth month in our Program. 

Much has happened in Bryan’s recovery since Thanksgiving.  He was eligible to go to work just two weeks after Thanksgiving and, because he had a family to support, he felt the need to do so.  But things just did not open up for him and, instead of trying to make something happen, he decided it was just not the right time.  Bryan continued to do the things he knew he was supposed to do and left the right job and the right timing to God.  In the process, he contacted his old job and to make amends for leaving them very inappropriately in his addiction. 

At eight months into the Program, his old job actually communicated back with him.  After continuing to hear what was happening in his life (and already knowing what a good worker he had been when he was sober), they offered him the opportunity to work for them part time.

Last Friday, Bryan was one of five men who completed his 12 months in our Program.  Today, he starts back full-time with that same company.  I am so proud of him and happy for his family.  Of course, the same of true the other four graduates also.  It is wonderful being here and seeing men grow in their recovery, graduate from this Program and then move into the next phase.  But we all know how it works – always and only just one day at a time.

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director