Helping Up Mission and the Baltimore Business Journal

This week the Baltimore Business Journal published its annual June 2010 Giving Guide. Called a “advertorial publication,” it features non-profit organizations which provide support services in the Baltimore area for those who need help. Quoting BBJ publisher John Dinkel, it offers direct insight on what these non-profits are doing to help our communities and how readers can help them accomplish their goal – whether donating time or financial resources. 

The Baltimore Business Journal, along with Bank of America, helps underwrites the cost of production for the Giving Guide to give local nonprofits and supporting companies the chance to tell their stories. This year’s guide has Helping Up Mission as one of the featured organizations. Our page (32) was sponsored by Susquehanna Bank and explains our History, Goals, Giving Opportunities and Volunteer Opportunities. 

Helping Up Mission is just one of the many organizations who are doing important work in this city. Our efforts are successful because of the thousands of donors and volunteers who stand with us in serving our community. We are very grateful for their ongoing commitment to help us do our part in transforming the lives of broken men and building a better Baltimore.  

The Giving Guide will hopefully help us develop a new network of friends in the region. I can only hope they are as faithful and caring as the many folks who supported us this past year.  Thank you Helping Up Mission family.

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director