Artfully Done

Our newly renovated 1029 E. Baltimore Street building is full of wonderful space, from the new Overnight Guest Services dorm on the lower level to the rooftop observation deck. On the fourth floor, across from our new and incredibly state of the art library, is our new art room.


Over the past 3 years, Carole McQuay has been leading art therapy groups in any space we could make available to her. She started with groups meeting in “the Bank,” which literally was a bank at the end of our block (technically 1039 E. Baltimore Street, but who’s counting) that the Mission purchased and turned into our main classroom. Then Carole moved her group into the new cafeteria of our renovated 1023 E. Baltimore Street building. Today she is settled in her own room filled with really nicely done artwork by the men of Helping Up Mission.


Like the athletic activities, choir and band here, art therapy is another activities where men are able to reconnect with past interests – or sometimes develop new interests or skills which they had no idea they possessed.  It really is therapeutic, and our guys have created some really great stuff. You can see their work displayed in our main lobby at 1029 E. Baltimore Street.

Thanks Carole and everybody who helps – art therapy really works.

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director