Good bye, Good Friend

Yesterday, Program Director Tom Bond sent out this note to the Helping Up Mission staff and family:

It is with great personal sadness that I announce Kenneth “Doc” Barbour, a beloved graduate intern, has gone home to his Creator. Doc was discovered – laying peacefully in his bed – by his roommate in the House of Freedom.

It appears from the firsthand evidence that Doc passed in the night of July 4th, presumably from natural causes, while in his sleep. The Medical Examiner will conduct a full assessment to determine the precise cause of death……but it does not appear that he suffered.

Doc worked tirelessly in the Innovative Learning Center assisting other men with their academic studies, and had recently taken on the role of the Vocational Development Coordinator, helping guys find and prepare for employment opportunities.

We were all extremely fond of Doc and appreciated his kind and giving heart, and we will miss him and grieve his departure from our world.

However……. Doc was a man of deep faith and was very comfortable with his relationship with Jesus. No doubt he is finally resting…… pain and worry free…… the afterworld.

The Amish are fond of the saying “Our loss is Heaven’s gain”. I think that is very appropriate…………..


I have been trying to put into words my sentiments about Doc for this blog. What Tom wrote says it all for me. We will miss Doc, but he is just fine now and we wouldn’t think of bringing him back to this world…no more pain, and he is probably in Heaven playing his music with the angels right now. 

Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director