Pizza! Pizza!!

I have shared Marilyn’s story with you recently (my blogs on 6/22/10 and 10/7/10).  She was part of a small group of ladies who joined together as the “Lose to Gain” group.  One of the other ladies in that group, Kristine, shared her own story at church a couple of weeks ago.  Like Marilyn, she was also committed to losing weight and raising funds for a cause important to her.  Of course, the whole exercise was founded on the desire to incorporate some new health and spiritual disciplines in her life.  In the midst of her commitment, she struggled one night.  She described her ordeal in terms with which any drug addict or alcoholic trying to stay clean can identify.  I asked if she was willing to let me share her remarks with you and she said yes.

As a person who struggles with eating more than I need on a daily basis, I think about food fairly regularly.  Not too long ago, I began to think about what to have for dinner.  I was somewhat hungry and, while I had been trying to be careful about what I was eating, pizza is what came to mind.  Yeah, pizza sounded real good to me.  So I began to think about pizza.  I started to think about all the toppings I really like.  It has been a while and I could almost begin to taste it.  Then I knew – I had to have pizza for dinner…tonight…no, right now!  So I began to think who could deliver to the house the quickest.  Dominos….Papa Johns….Vocelli’s.  I knew I needed it as soon as possible.  I went to my computer and quickly ordered one, a big one with mushrooms, oh, and extra cheese and…well, you know the story.  I couldn’t wait for it to get delivered.  I had trouble concentrating on anything else, all I could think about was pizza.  It arrived in less than 30 minutes, but it sure seemed a lot longer.  Before I could even stop and think I had eaten 4 pieces.  Boy was it ever good!

While I have not struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction, I believe my “need” for pizza is pretty similar.  I actually “relapsed on pizza” the moment I decided to eat it for dinner.  When I had made that decision, I really knew I was going to eat way more than was appropriate.  Pizza was controlling my thoughts and emotions.  Even before it got the house, I got anxious and agitated about wanting it now.  I had actually “ODed” on pizza before it even got to my house.  My sin started there, and my eating of 4 slices only compounded my problem. 

While, like Kristine, I do not have a chemical addiction background, either, I can identify with her story.  Her willingness to share all those insights with us on a Sunday morning was very meaningful to me.  It is really great attending a church where people are so willing to be so honest about their personal struggles!  Kristine’s story gave me encouragement.  I hope it will help you, too.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

PS If you are interested in reading Kristine blog, you can find it at:  Her 9/13/10 entry pretty much says it all.