Alumni and Proud of It!

I am very happy for every new guy who gets here and joins our 12-month residential Spiritual Recovery Program. Every day clean and every step in a closer walk with the Lord is very meaningful. But now, finishing my 11th year here as the Spiritual Life Director, I have to say what really gives me great joy are the guys who have graduated and continue on in their spiritual recovery.  

We had an alumni luncheon here at the end of last month. Alumnus Kevin Sheehan (03) contacted as many guys as we could find and set up a program that included a great meal, good fellowship and some wonderful words from alumni Charles Southerland (05) and Keith Daye (98). I hate to admit it, but I saw guys that day who I have not seen for a few years and had completely forgotten about them. They were still going strong in their recovery and I was surprised to hear how many of them actually show up around here in the evenings (when I have gone home) and continue to give back to those following behind them. 

So, to any alumni out there who are reading this, I hope you will come to our next meeting. For information, you can contact Kevin Sheehan at For those of you who have been supporting us over the past decade, I want you to know that I got a good look at your investment – and it was looking pretty good. Thanks so much for caring and sharing.

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director