God Still Answers Prayers – Part 4

I am so pleased as guys come here, begin the process of spiritual recovery, graduate and move on still working at their recovery and spiritual walk.  While not quite the same as it is with my own children, I still feel like a proud papa every time I see or hear about one of them who continues to do the right things.  Just about a year ago, I wrote about Bryan, who had come to Helping Up Mission by way of our 12 Step recovery group in the Frederick, Maryland area (my wife and I know his mother).  After he arrived, he was assigned to work as my assistant and spent the next 9 months helping me serve the other guys in the program.  Then, God miraculously gave him his old job back…then he graduated…then he married his longtime sweetheart…then I got this letter:

Pastor Gary,
I just wanted to drop you a little note to say hello and let you know we are doing great!  I can’t thank you enough for the man Bryan has become.  He has been a great husband and wonderful father.  The boys are growing up so fast and Bryan has made it a point to be a big part of their everyday activities.

I don’t know if you know anything about Bryan’s older sister…[some personal information here].  The point of me telling you this is that Bryan has been there every weekend with his brother helping finish out the basement so they have a little place of their own.  He is taking the boys out this weekend to do something fun.  I don’t think he would have been the same person if he hadn’t had a little guidance.  Thanks again for you and the mission, it has been such a blessing in our lives.

Also, I don’t know if you know much about this or who I can talk to but I am putting together a food drive at my work and would love to help the mission.  Can we bring food the day before Thanksgiving or is there a better way to do that?

This note from Bryan’s wife is just the kind of thing to keep an old guy like me going for just a while longer! 

One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director

PS  if you are interested in reading the rest of Bryan’s story, see my blogs of 11/26/09; 6/28/10 and 9/19/10.