Captivate CityKidz

This summer, Colleen Smith directed Captivate CityKidz, a free summer camp program at her church for children to experience “Love, Jesus and Fun!”  One week’s theme was Get Moving’ to Art Explosion Camp, which included a live Art Auction and Dessert reception at the end of the week.  The money they raised would go to a few charities where the children, themselves, could learn about serving others.  One of those organizations was Helping Up Mission. 


Colleen has been a good friend of our work for a couple of years.  So, on Friday morning, she brought 3 of her campers, Meki, Damian and Kenyon, to Helping Up Mission and they visited my class.  The boys (ages 10, 10 and 9) had drawn pictures which were auctioned off and they brought with them a check of $200 for Helping Up Mission.


Colleen was excited about having them see everything at our place and it was great meeting the boys.  God is very good to us here at Helping Up Mission and, over the years, He has given us a bunch of wonderful friends like Colleen.  Now, we have 3 new ones – Meki, Damian and Kenyon.


One new friend at a time,

Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director