Sean’s Grand Prix

Sean arrived at Helping Up Mission, following his release from jail. After losing both parents in a two year period, Sean felt lost – with a big house and lots of money. In a drug and alcohol induced stupor, over the next 18 months, he lost it all and was sentenced to a year in jail. At age 25, a guy might just feel like life is over. 

After serving his sentence, family brought Sean here last April. He has daily duties – as a Chaplain’s Assistant – and he plays in our band. Sean also secured a grant to go back to college and finish his AA degree.  

Not a big race fan, Sean still wanted to see the Baltimore Grand Prix running a dozen blocks from our campus last weekend. So, Friday afternoon he walked to the course, hoping to scope out the best free view for Saturday or Sunday. 

Walking past one of the gates to the grandstands, a man offered Sean an extra ticket to watch practice and time trials. His seat was on the front row along the Pratt Street straightaway, where the cars reached 180 mph. Sean spent a couple of hours sitting there, even into the evening hours when they ran with headlights on.

His experience was so special, that he didn’t even try to find a good free view on Saturday or Sunday – Sean’s Grand Prix was on Friday. 

As we say here at Helping Up Mission, God is good – and so was that man who offered Sean the ticket. 

One blessing at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director