For Encouraging Others to Dream

Last Friday evening Tom Bond, Helping Up Mission Program Director, was honored by the Dream4It Foundation at their Sensational Summer Night IV, an annual special concert and presentation of scholarships and awards. 

The Dream4It Foundation provides scholarships for higher education to students; awards grants to organizations providing vital and exemplary human services; and publically honors individuals whose humanitarian deeds substantially improve quality of life for Marylanders. Dr. Anthony Brown, well-known local musician and ministry staff member of Morning Star Baptist Church, serves as the foundation’s President.

Tom and his wife, Rebecca, were guests at the program where he received his award, honoring his work at Helping Up Mission to change the lives of men struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction in the greater Baltimore area. 

Beyond his daily efforts on behalf of these men, Tom’s own victory over drug addiction clearly qualifies him for what his award stated, “For Encouraging Others to Dream.”  

As Dr. Brown said about Tom, “Your personal story is a testimony of faith and perseverance. You now speak hope into the lives of other men and their families.”

Congratulations, Tom, we all rejoice at what has happened in your life and appreciate your investment in the lives of the men who have followed you at Helping Up Mission.

One Life Changing Dream at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director