Off the Shelf

Brad is 30 years old, has spent 19 years in active addiction and 9 years in jails and institutions. Last weekend was his first off restriction (affectionately known here as “off the shelf”).

He described his weekend as freedom for the first time in a long time – but he didn’t mean the 45 days of blackout on campus, that all new guys do here. He said.”I have spent my life bound and chained by hate, anger, rage, addiction, quilt, shame, low self-esteem and fear.”

“This weekend I didn’t have to look over my shoulder or worry about how I was going to get my next drug. I was able to enjoy being outside and being around people.” So, what happened to the Brad that showed up here almost two months ago?

At Helping Up Mission, Brad said he made “an honest whole-hearted choice to surrender my life and my will over to the care of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.” Then, what is supposed to happen to anyone who connects to God began to happen to him – supernatural changes. “I live each day full of joy. I’m happy with where I’m at and where I know God is taking me. I love myself and I love other people now.”

Of course, Brad understands it is an everyday decision to continue to walk this way, but it looks like he’s well on his way.

So…what about his first weekend off campus? Tell you more about that tomorrow.

Always and Only One Day at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director