I Admit!

Trying to run an honest program here, so I admit…I have been in denial. I have struggled with something for about 25 years, periodically dealing with severe pain and swelling in my ankles. Doctors aren’t certain, but it may be gout.
For 3 weeks I battled the most recent outbreak. I kept thinking ibuprofen would help me handle it. Everybody has been supportive, generally saying something like, “go to the doctor, stupid!”   
One of the reasons I didn’t want to go is because I don’t like the diagnosis of gout. I have never eaten the typical gout diet, so I didn’t want it to be gout! My father has gout and takes a prescribed medicine – and hasn’t had an outbreak for a decade. He also said I should go to the doctor!
Wrestling with my problem, I realize I struggle with the same stuff that everybody else at Helping Up Mission does. My issue is affecting my life, work, relationships and attitudes – but I keep thinking it is just going to get better and be okay.
I was in denial, but after 3 weeks, I repented. My prescription has provided relief. I am sleeping again and doing what I need to do every day. It feels good to be honest, open and willing. Now on to my next issue…
One issue at a time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director