Just Glad to be Part of it All


One of Helping Up Mission’s many community partners is Business Interface.  They work with men in our program who are ready to go to work.  The offer job readiness training, help them get interviews with appropriate employers, prep them for their interview and even drive them to the interview!  And, in the rather rare when they don’t get the job, they will repeat the process till that guy gets employed. 


Of course, the man has to apply and be accepted by Business Interface – but once he does they work with him till he finds a job or until he quits trying (and that has happened, too!).  Their September newsletter just came out and it is full of Helping Up Mission stuff.  The cover article is about Marvin, one of our guys (and it says so).  Another article inside the newsletter features another of our guys.  Four other of our guys are pictured as among the 16 who got jobs in August.  Another article features New Creations Staffing Solution – Helping Up Mission’s in-house temporary job placement agency.  We couldn’t have gotten better publicity for HUM if we had written the newsletter ourselves!  Click Here to see the Newsletter. 


Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Business Interface’s Business Resource Specialist, Thomas Cast, and Communications Specialist, Daniel Kemp (who puts out the newsletter!), are also both HUM guys!  God is so good to all of us.  I am so happy for our guys.  I am also so grateful for the Business Interface folks.


Thanks to all our community partners who care about helping those who need another chance.  Thank you for all you do to help the Cause, too.


Just glad to be part of it all,

Pastor Gary Byers

Spiritual Life Director


P.S.  if you or anyone you know needs help finding work, contact Business Interface.  If they accept you, they will stay with you till you succeed, too.