The Morning After€¦

As the Spiritual Life Director at Helping Up Mission I have come to really appreciate the Baltimore Ravens, for all the interest and support they have shown to the guys here. It has been special meeting so many players and coaches and I have also come to enjoy watching them play (and win). 

But I should also note that I grew up in the Washington DC suburbs of Prince Georges County, Maryland and I am a Washington Redskins fan. I have not been real happy with my team in recent decades (!) but have stayed with my guys through thick and thin. Of course, I can be pretty vocal about my feelings and I can talk some trash.

So, after the Redskins 2-0 start, I got a little carried away when they played the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night football. Consequently, I had to wear a Cowboys jersey on Tuesday morning and walk around shouting, “How ‘bout those Cowboys!” 

I may have been scarred for life, except on my way to work that morning, I saw Tim, one of our graduates, getting his 4 children ready for the bus to school. Knowing this rough and tumble guy as I do (Tim graduated from here 8 years ago), it was awesome watching him lovingly make sure his little girls were all set.   

When Tim saw me, he introduced me to each one and the kids and I had a wonderful conversation. It was all I needed for the rest of the day – I could wear that Dallas jersey, face all the guys and even handle my dentist appointment that afternoon. Thanks, kids, for helping up this old guy when he needed it. 

One Game at a Time,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director