Less than 2 Weeks and Counting€¦

The 2011 Baltimore Running Festival will take place on October 15. Team HUM, as we are known, is made up of Helping Up Mission staff, alumni, program members, volunteers and friends. Our team of 45 will be participating in all 4 events (full marathon, half marathon, 5K run and the team marathon relay). 

For many on our team this is just another event in their training regimen, while it is the culmination of preparation for others. I believe I have given everyone an adequate headstart, so I getting ready to begin my training in earnest shortly! 

While it doesn’t sound like I am taking the race too seriously, I am serious about the cause – providing support for the men of Helping Up Mission. Thanks to all of you who have supported any member of team HUM (or any other team running for a cause that day). 

If you are interested in seeing how our team is doing, check it out at http://www.razoo.com/team/Team-Hum. Executive Director Bob Gehman has raised the most money for the race, followed by Development Director Kris Sharrar and Board of Director Mark Deering. I am in 7th place, right behind Kate and Chris Cardenas. 

Now I don’t mean to be a bad sport, but I really don’t want Kate to beat me! So, if my self-esteem means anything to you (!), I hope you will help me beat her like I wanted my Redskins to beat Kate’s husband’s Cowboys last week (see my painful blog of 9/28/11 about that debacle). 

Anyway, I will give it my best on October 15. Thanks for your help and for all you do for the Cause.  

Ready to Run,
Pastor Gary Byers
Spiritual Life Director